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03.01.2011 в 13:50
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Интервью со Стивеном Кингом
Интерьвью со Стивеном Кингом об экранизации Темной Башни.

Stephen King exclusive: Who should star in 'The Dark Tower'? 'The Twilight cast, of course!'

With news that Stephen King’s enormously popular book series The Dark Tower will be coming to a big and small screen near you, we here at EW.com could not stop ourselves from reaching out to the bestselling author (and EW columnist) via email to get a few more answers about the highly-anticipated project. Here’s what he had to say:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The Dark Tower is such a dense series — did you always think it needed more than a single movie or TV show treatment?
STEPHEN KING: I always thought it would take more than a single movie, but I didn’t see this solution coming — i.e., several movies and TV series. It was Ron [Howard] and Akiva [Goldsman]‘s idea. Once it was raised, I thought at once it was the solution.

What about Ron Howard and NBC makes them a good fit for the franchise?
When working as a director, Ron is very similar to the way I work as a writer. We both tell honest stories that have (I flatter myself) style and substance but not a lot of show-offy frills.

In a perfect world, who would play Roland? Eddie? Susannah? Jake?
The Twilight cast, of course! Just kidding. I haven’t got as far as casting in my thoughts, but when I write about Susannah Dean, I always kind of see Angela Bassett in my mind’s eye. Mostly I just want good people in those parts. Ron Howard will find them, I’m sure.

And who would you want to play?
I’d love to be the voice of Blaine the Mono.

There’s a lot of blood in the series — how much is the TV series going to be censored? It likely would have been easier to join forces with a network without restrictions, à la HBO, no?
I don’t see that as a problem at all! We’ll have just enough latitude to make a great series. I’ve worked in network TV before, and every time I was squeezed a little, it just made me look for creative solutions. Besides, I always like to play in the biggest auditorium available!


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2011-01-06 в 20:11 

zaches in shadows
Я прыгну в чан с кипящим маслом с воплями NOOOOOOOOOOO, если актеры из Сумерек будут играть в экранизации Темной башни. Надеюсь, эта шутка так и останется шуткой. Может Кинг и пошутил, а продюсеры уже договариваются во всю)

2011-01-06 в 20:15 

Лосось сомнений
Мы постили в ТБ-соо интервью с создателем фильма, собственно: www.diary.ru/~thedarktower/p139793438.htm
Он жаждет Арагорна)))

2011-01-07 в 00:00 

Eliza Gilbert
Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.© general George S. Patton Jr.
I’d love to be the voice of Blaine the Mono.
Лучшую роль себе захапал.:gigi:

Мортенсен, имо, это потенциальный мискаст. Слишком у него добрые глаза, нет в них жесткости стрелка.


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